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I officially got the green light today to start hormones but now I’m filled with such fear and doubt. I wish I had trans friends to talk about this with, and my therapist is out of town, oh god oh god. :(

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After 7 years of living in NYC (3 not counting college) I finally have a New York drivers license! It still has my birth name and gender marker, but it does have a recent picture which I figure will get bouncers and TSA agents off my back for a bit. Plus no more people looking at that old picture (I was 15 with long wavy hair and a face full of makeup) and saying “aww you used to be pretty!” Which maybe I would have appreciated 10 years ago when I looked like that but. Not now.

Hopefully this means fewer headaches until it comes time to change my documents. They took away my Florida license so I took a picture for the memories/future before-and-after moments.

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But how do you play with a dog who is totally uninterested with toys? We found out what it means when he looks at us expectantly - he wants to be pet for an hour straight. My arm is tired. Dogs are hard.

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